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April 25 2017


Why don't more people use FaceTime Audio for voice calls?

FaceTime for windows is an application designed exclusively for Apple products. It is present by default on all MacBooks, iPads and any iPhone. Unlike other applications of this list, FaceTime has a clear, clean and precise objective: audio and video communication. Clearly, this application offers no superfluous functions: no smileys, text, gifs, etc. Its interface is uncluttered – to our delight.

Having a minimalist interface and functions is a good idea and through this Apple is able to keep the quality high. It is impossible to say which application on this list is the best because too many factors come into account, but several of my colleagues consider this application as the best in the field (and these are Android fans!).

What's not good about FaceTime

If you are looking 'Swiss Army knife' app that allows you to chat and immortalize moments in pictures, you do not want FaceTime For Windows. You can install WhatsApp Messenger, Viber or Skype, but FaceTime will not meet your needs.

Keep in mind that this is an application from Apple, it is designed for Apple users. If you want to make video calls with contacts that do not have an iPhone or Mac, it will go through another application.
How much data does FaceTime Audio use?

one of the biggest myths about FaceTime for android Audio is that it uses large amounts of data for calls, but that’s not necessarily true. The iPhone FAQ notes that five minutes of FaceTime Audio calling uses up about 3MB of data

here’s a handful of ways of video chatting/conferencing with people, including Skype, Facebook Messenger, and Apple’s own FaceTime. Which uses the least bandwidth? Well, at the risk of sounding like those crummy clickbait blogs, the answer will surprise you!

— FaceTime: 7.5MB

— Facebook Messenger: 32MB

— Skype: 46MB

How to check your FaceTime Audio data usage for a call

After you've made a FaceTime for Pc Audio call, you can always check to see how much data you used by doing the following:

1. Open the Phone app.

2. Tap on Recent.

3. Tap on the blue "i" next to the time of your call.

4. You will see the length of your FaceTime Audio call and the amount of data you used while making the call.

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